Priya Agrawal

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Priya Agrawal is Founder Director of Antarang Foundation, a Mumbai-based organisation that is changing the stereotypes around education to employment opportunities for adolescents and young adults from low-income communities. Priya is an Ashoka Fellow and an Unltd India Growth Challenge Fellow.

Articles by Priya Agrawal

girl students standing in a queue-employment

March 31, 2023
Can India tackle its employment gap before it’s too late?
We need to make our secondary education relevant to the aspirations of our youth. Learn about the pathways that can make this happen.
children working on a construction site

January 24, 2018
Youth employability: Looking beyond job placements
Today, we look at skill development from the lens of what industry wants, rather than what society needs. Are we doing our youth a disservice by taking such a short-term and limited view?
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