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a woman teaching a man how to use a computer_digitisation

What does a successful digital transformation require?
Digitisation can streamline your nonprofit’s operations and simplify data collection and reporting. Here are six factors critical to a successful technology implementation.
by Rekha Koita | 5 min read


rural women making a solar energy machine-mitigation

Climate action: How to put communities first
A top-down approach to climate change programmes often ignores the needs of the marginalised. Here's how locally led adaptation, based on principles of accountability and community, can help fix this.
a group of kids holding up some printed material--gender equality

What it takes to replicate a gender equality programme
Lessons from an evidence-based approach to scaling a gender equality programme across Indian states.
A teacher demonstrates something to a group of students using a laptop--generative AI

Can generative AI help the education sector in India?
Generative AI can be useful for the entire education ecosystem, including students, teachers, and parents. But it comes with its own challenges of implementation and monitoring.
by Gaurav Gupta | 6 min read
volunteers picking up plastic garbage_volunteering

What nonprofits need to know about volunteering
Emerging trends and approaches in volunteering reveal how nonprofits can help foster a strong volunteering ecosystem in India.
by Aishik Saha | 5 min read
close up of a flower--nonprofit leadership

What new possibilities could your leadership unlock?
Successful organisations are those that enrich, and are enriched by their communities. What can leaders do to achieve this?
by Gautam John | 6 min read
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