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Muslim men at a prayer gathering--mental health

Can India’s mental healthcare system address Islamophobia?
Everyday violence takes a toll on the well-being of Muslims in India. Here’s how to build a mental health ecosystem that recognises Islamophobia and intergenerational trauma.
by Sadaf Vidha | 8 min read


An elderly man walking_elderly care

What’s at stake for the elderly in India?
In order to address the increasing unmet need of care for the elderly, India needs to come up with innovative solutions to combat the social welfare, economic and health challenges they face.
Groundwater recharging system_Atal Bhujal Yojana

Atal Bhujal Yojana: A (mis) calculated approach
The Atal Bhujal Yojana aims to address groundwater depletion and encourage community-led water security plans. But it may not be taking into account a key component of water flows.
a woman walking through a field with a pot on her head--irrigation in Kalahandi

Pipe dream: Kalahandi’s struggle for equitable irrigation
Uneven access to water continues to stall Kalahandi district's complete transformation from drought-born despair to hopeful development.
by Anand Datla | 6 min read
indian fox in arid wasteland-India conservation

Greening ‘wastelands’ doesn’t guarantee a greener India
In pursuit of India's net-zero goals, wastelands are being repurposed for renewable energy and afforestation projects. This poses a threat to the diverse ecosystems they encompass and the communities dependent on them.
two men standing in long grasses each with an arm slung over the other's shoulder--common land

Photo essay: It takes a village to save common land
In arid Rajasthan, livestock owners struggle with fodder shortages and encroachments upon their shared land. The residents of Thana, a small village, have found a solution.
by Meet Kakadiya | 7 min read

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