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gram panchayat in madhya pradesh_local governance

The gram panchayat’s role in sustainable rural development
The potential of local governance in India remains largely untapped. Here’s how capacity building and reforms can help strengthen gram panchayats.
Muslim men at a prayer gathering--mental health

Can India’s mental healthcare system address Islamophobia?
Everyday violence takes a toll on the well-being of Muslims in India. Here’s how to build a mental health ecosystem that recognises Islamophobia and intergenerational trauma.
by Sadaf Vidha | 8 min read
a group of women sitting on the floor, talking and smiling--women's land rights

Women’s land rights: What funders must consider
Despite its potential as a sustainable empowerment solution, funding for women's land rights remains scarce. How can funders integrate it into their work?
by Shivani Gupta, Linzi Sarkar | 6 min read
An elderly man walking_elderly care

What’s at stake for the elderly in India?
In order to address the increasing unmet need of care for the elderly, India needs to come up with innovative solutions to combat the social welfare, economic and health challenges they face.
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