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Nonprofit Diwali: What we want vs what we get
Maybe the best gift we can give others this Diwali is a good hard look at ourselves.
by India Development Review | 2 min read
gram panchayat in madhya pradesh_local governance

The gram panchayat’s role in sustainable rural development
The potential of local governance in India remains largely untapped. Here’s how capacity building and reforms can help strengthen gram panchayats.
by Suvojit Chattopadhyay | 6 min read

Bite-sized stories from the people closest to the action.

A day in the life of

Frontline workers and first responders share their insights from working at the grassroots.

a group of women playing snakes and ladders--newly married women
Teaching newly married women how to navigate patriarchal spaces
A day in the life of a field coordinator in Rajasthan who helps newly married young women in understanding the layered nature of gendered violence and how to counter it.
Men and women sitting on a field in a circle_forest resources

A young woman in Gujarat helps her community save their forest
A day in the life of a young woman in rural Gujarat who is helping her community combat unemployment, access welfare, and preserve local natural resources.
A woman shooting on a camera with people standing around her_Adivasi communities
An Adivasi journalist quits the newsroom to embrace YouTube
A day in the life of an Adivasi journalist from Chhotaudepur who uses YouTube to mainstream the voices of de-notified tribes and tackle discrimination.

Social change leaders chronicle their failures and lessons learnt.

Aerial shot of women protestors sitting_well-being
Preparing for a marathon, not a sprint 
Dalit civil rights activist Thenmozhi Soundararajan on why failure is an opportunity to build power, how systems of oppression affect well-being, and what healing looks like for individuals and communities.
Barbed wire_nonprofits
Why don’t nonprofits talk about their failures?
A number of risks, both real and perceived, stop nonprofits from talking about failure. Here's how various stakeholders can work together to overcome them.
rural women take part in a boat race in west bengal-leadership
The road to recovery
In Part II of a conversation with Dream a Dream CEO Suchetha Bhat and co-founder Vishal Talreja learn about what it took to rebuild an organisation in crisis, and why it needed a new kind of leadership.

Conversations with visionaries on their life's work, and their efforts to challenge the status quo in our country.

Insights and analysis of specific sectors in the development arena—what works, what doesn't, and what needs to change.

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  • Can India’s mental healthcare system address Islamophobia?
    Everyday violence takes a toll on the well-being of Muslims in India. Here’s how to build a mental health ecosystem that recognises Islamophobia and intergenerational trauma.

    What’s at stake for the elderly in India?
    In order to address the increasing unmet need of care for the elderly, India needs to come up with innovative solutions to combat the social welfare, economic and health challenges they face.

    Atal Bhujal Yojana: A (mis) calculated approach
    The Atal Bhujal Yojana aims to address groundwater depletion and encourage community-led water security plans. But it may not be taking into account a key component of water flows.

    Approaches and ideas that cut across sectors and counter the dominant narratives around us.

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  • The gram panchayat’s role in sustainable rural development
    The potential of local governance in India remains largely untapped. Here’s how capacity building and reforms can help strengthen gram panchayats.

    Skills and functions that are core to growing programmes and organisations.

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  • What does a successful digital transformation require?
    Digitisation can streamline your nonprofit’s operations and simplify data collection and reporting. Here are six factors critical to a successful technology implementation.

    Climate action: How to put communities first
    A top-down approach to climate change programmes often ignores the needs of the marginalised. Here's how locally led adaptation, based on principles of accountability and community, can help fix this.

    What it takes to replicate a gender equality programme
    Lessons from an evidence-based approach to scaling a gender equality programme across Indian states.