Huda Jaffer

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Huda Jaffer is a systems designer with a keen interest in user centric design, particularly focused on sustainability and developmental issues. She is the director at SELCO Foundation, where she has been instrumental in building the necessary processes that have led to the organisation being recognised as a pioneer in the development of an ecosystem for sustainable energy access for the poor. She has an undergraduate degree in design from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, and an MSc in Engineering and Business from MIT.

Areas of Expertise

Clean Energy, Climate Adaptation, Systems Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Livelihoods, Public Health

Articles by Huda Jaffer

The sub-centre located in Kongthong, East Khasi Hills, has three roof-mounted solar panels, with a total capacity of 2.34 kWp-solar

September 29, 2023
How decentralised solar energy can boost public healthcare
Renewable energy holds health, environmental, and entrepreneurial benefits for communities with poor access to power.
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