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Sejal Rathwa is a journalist from the Rathwa community in Gujarat. She runs Aadim Samvaad, a YouTube channel that highlights Adivasi culture and perspectives. She also works as a district coordinator with Bhasha Research and Publication Center, where her job is to document the culture of the de-notified tribes. Sejal was a member of the first cohort of Disom, a leadership school that focuses on developing grassroots leaders from marginalised communities. She aims to amplify the voices of the people who have forever been unheard and ignored.

Areas of Expertise

Journalism and communication

Articles by Sejal Rathwa

A woman shooting on a camera with people standing around her_Adivasi communities

March 7, 2023
An Adivasi journalist quits the newsroom to embrace YouTube
A day in the life of an Adivasi journalist from Chhotaudepur who uses YouTube to mainstream the voices of de-notified tribes and tackle discrimination.
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