Project Tech4Dev is a group of software firms, ecosystem partners, and funders, initiated by a tech entrepreneur and philanthropist (Donald Lobo) and supported by his private family foundation, The Chintu Gudiya Foundation. This initiative enables organisations to bring technology to the core of programme design and implementation by providing customised tech solutions to nonprofits, at an affordable cost; developing open source solutions that are then made freely available for everyone to access, use, and build on; and creating an ecosystem of software firms and supporting them in developing products targeted specifically for the development sector.


This special 16-part series has been supported by Project Tech4Dev. <span style="font-weight: 400">This series seeks to build a knowledge base on using technology for social good.</span>
a woman teaching a man how to use a computer_digitisation

November 3, 2023
What does a successful digital transformation require?
Digitisation can streamline your nonprofit’s operations and simplify data collection and reporting. Here are six factors critical to a successful technology implementation.
computers on a table_tech capacity

June 16, 2023
Tech capacity in nonprofits: Eight things to consider
Building tech capacity can provide nonprofits with the knowledge and resources they need to drive their digital transformation. Here's a quick guide to help you get started.
illustration of a spreadsheet with charts and graphs_technology advice

May 3, 2023
Tech advice for nonprofits
Having assisted several nonprofits with their tech needs and challenges, CxOs offer pointers on how leaders should approach tech at their organisations.
A man using laptop under a shade while another man waits in line with a cylinder_technology for nonprofits

February 23, 2023
Tech for nonprofits: To build or buy?
Should nonprofits invest in building their own tech applications or buy off-the-shelf technology? Here's a quick guide.
two women standing--nonprofit programme

December 21, 2022
A new paradigm for nonprofit programming
Because people's lives and contexts keep changing, nonprofit programmes need to constantly iterate to factor in new information. Technology and real-time data can play a big role here.
Women holding two digital devices for surveys

November 9, 2022
Digital transformation 101: A guide for nonprofits
Here are some guidelines for nonprofit leaders who want to leverage tech better but don’t always know how to go about it.
man using tech for data collection

April 20, 2022
Challenges with tech in midsize to large nonprofits
Nonprofits, even midsize to large ones, rarely have a seamless tech adoption journey. Here are some common issues that crop up and ways to tackle them.
close up of indian woman using mobile phone in black and white-open source technology

January 11, 2022
How open-source technology can help nonprofits scale
Investing in customisable, open-source software solutions allows nonprofits to grow their programmes faster and at lower costs.
cookies labelled with numbers that depict an addition error of '1+2=4'-nonprofit technology

October 22, 2021
How the social sector thinks about tech is wrong
Here’s what donors, nonprofits, and intermediary organisations should be thinking about to better integrate tech into social sector work.
image of a phone in the hands of someone attempting to type-technology for nonprofits

September 2, 2021
How to think about funding technology in the social sector
Funders need to broaden their approach to supporting technology, focusing as much on the tech ecosystem as they do on individual projects.
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